Meat show

Mark Ryden ,  The Meat Shop

Mark Ryden, The Meat Shop

Well, I have to admit I donโ€™t really paint my paintings; a Magic Monkey does. He comes to my studio late at night, when itโ€™s very quiet. Mysterious things happen late at night when most people are asleep. I help the magic monkey, but he does most of the work. My big job is to get him to show up. Iโ€™ve been learning just what that takes. He is very particular. The right frame of mind is important; I have to switch my brain from linear, logical thinking to creative, free feeling. If I start to think too much, then itโ€™s time for a nap or perhaps build a fort out of blankets with my son. Things have to flow from a place that is more subconscious and uninhibited. When you believe and have faith things will flow. You can really feel it. Itโ€™s like magic. The Monkey comes tapping at the door, we get the paint and brushes out of the treasure chest and we have a great time making art.